WhatsApp Vacation Mode: What is it About & How to Activate it?

WhatsApp Vacation Mode: What is it About & How to Activate it?

WhatsApp has become one of the mobile applications with the most users worldwide, this app works as a social network in which each user can chat with their contacts, and share documents, images, and videosThe application has a wide variety of functions, from those that allow you to create groups among colleagues, post statuses with a duration of 24 hours, and even create a business account. The latter is widely used by additional businesses since it promotes direct contact between stores and their customers.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode: What is it About & How to Activate it?

The application already has more than 2 billion users worldwide and is part of the Meta group along with Facebook and Instagram. Due to its great reception, this is an application that lives in constant updates to develop new modes that facilitate user interaction. In connection with this, the platform has developed a “vacation mode” so that people can travel peacefully without being bombarded with constant spam messages.

For some time, people once again received new messages from those contacts they wanted to keep on file without having to block them in their inboxes. However, this function evolved to the point that the user can archive the conversations they want for the period they want, without the new messages from these contacts appearing again at the beginning. The vacation mode will be used in the new beta version of the application and the user will be able to activate and deactivate it whenever they want.

How do you activate vacation mode?

To activate this function, the person will only have to go to the file section, and then to the file settings. There you can have the vacation mode until you decide to change it.

How can you mute a chat?

This is another of the functions that the application allows, its objective is that the phone is not ringing with each message. To activate this function, all you need is that:

  • The user enters the conversation they want to mute.
  • Then you must go to the contact’s profile, clicking on their profile picture.
  • And finally, select the “silence” option and define the time you want it to remain activated.
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