3 Tips to Buy Apple Watch Strap

These 3 Tips of Buy Apple watch strap?

One of the nicest things about the Apple watch is of course all those accessory straps. There is a matching strap for every outfit. How do you choose your ideal strap? You read it here.

These 3 Tips of Buy Apple watch strap?

1. Choose the material

Which strap material do you choose? This is an essential choice. It chooses the look of your watch and the wearing comfort. In other words, how the band is. When choosing your strap, think about what you will wear it with. Do you wear it to work where you need to look presentable? Do you exercise a lot with it? And also important: do you use the sleep functions? If so, then you want a strap that is extra comfortable.

These are the most generally used materials and their main properties.


Silicone straps are widely used. It is a sturdy material and fits nicely on your wrist. Water is no problem and the strap stays in place. Perfect for athletes. The straps have a casual or sporty look. Less suitable for neat occasions.


Nylon straps are comfortable and are available in different styles. The straps are often braided, but you can also choose a nylon scrunchie strap. Water is no problem for nylon straps, although a wet nylon strap feels discomfiting.


Leather has a neat appearance, feels nice, and fits many different outfits. The downside is that leather and water don’t mix well. Even if you sweat a lot, leather is not recommended.


You can do all sorts of things with metal. From neat and formal to elegant. With a metal strap, you can turn your Apple watch into a true jewel. They are slightly less comfortable than straps made of softer materials, although that is often a matter of getting used to.


Rubber is nice, strong, and can withstand water. These straps are also great for sports.

2. Choose your closure

Often less attention is paid to the closure, but that is of course also an important point.

The apple watches 8 straps (and other Apple watch straps) are available with:

  • Buckle closure
  • Push closure
  • Magnetic closure
  • Switch closure
  • Velcro closure
  • No closure (elastic solo loop strap)

3. Pay attention to the format

What is the size of your Apple watch? Keep that in mind when choosing your strap. Also, look at the size of your wrist. Of course, you don’t want the strap to be too wide or too tight.

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