Top 10 True Wireless Headphones in 2023

These (wireless) headphones, which have no cables connecting them or even between each headset, are currently the most popular trend in the music industry. Although they are highly useful, 10 True Wireless Headphones have a range of quality.

The autonomy of the headphones must also be considered to avoid running out of energy when moving. Initiating the noise reduction can range from three to more than eight hours depending on the model. You should also be aware of the charging and carrying case that the headphones come with.

It has a battery that enables on-the-go recharging and, occasionally, wireless charging technology. At least two additional cycles are guaranteed by these boxes, which is enough to make up for this sort of earphone’s somewhat inferior autonomy to Bluetooth audio headsets but still represents a very considerable improvement.

Last but not least, keep in mind that practically all of the models are in-ear models. The ear canal is completely blocked by them. As a result, they offer adequate passive soundproofing against outside noise. Although not everyone may prefer this style of helmet, some people may find it uncomfortable. So, we suggest you test one before cracking, if at all possible.

1. Sony WF-1000XM4



These Sony headphones are more influential than the AirPods Pro and undoubtedly have better sonic consistency. They will be the preferred option for audiophiles in part because of their astonishing application, which enables numerous changes. In addition, we valued how well they reduced noise.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 falls short on portability while having an exceptional battery life (8 hours 50 minutes with noise reduction and 13 hours 54 minutes without ANC). Both the headphones and the carrying case are much more difficult to operate than most other versions.

Rating  9.23/10
Price    ₹ 17,490

2. AirPods Pro 2



With the introduction of the new H2 chip, Apple has entirely redesigned the innards of its headphones while maintaining the tiny and livable design of the original AirPods Pro. Even while the sound still lacks a distinct personality, it becomes more dynamic and the noise reduction becomes considerably more convincing.

Also, Apple has enhanced the transparency mode by automatically reducing harsh noises like a jackhammer that can annoy you on the street. We also valued the increase in autonomy, which increased from 4 hours and 39 minutes to 6 hours and 7 minutes (9 h 16 min without ANC). Last but not least, Apple recommends spatial audio customization and loudness modification on

Rating 9.13 / 10
Price   ‎₹ 26,900

3. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II



Even though the second version of Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds is still slightly larger than normal, they still have the greatest noise cancellation on the market and highly effective voice processing.

The CustomTune procedure automatically adjusts the sound and noise reduction in reserve based on the acoustic characteristics of the ear canal. The sound has great character and is fantastic.

According to our measurements, autonomy has a score of 6 hours, 46 minutes (7 h 2 min with ANC at least). But, it is not possible to turn off noise reduction. We regret the lack of multipoint Bluetooth and Qi wireless charging as well.

Rating 9 / 10
Price   ‎₹29,999

4. Jabra Elite 7 Pro


The Elite 7 Pro is a success and the result of Jabra’s advancements. It has a discrete format, adequate noise reduction, and a very well-designed application, all of which are necessary to fully utilize the potential of these genuine wireless.

With the noise suppression turned on, we measured a very decent autonomy of 8 hours and 27 minutes.
Only athletes will not be able to access their accounts since headphones are not properly well held in the ears in the event of premature movements due to a lack of lugs or fins.

Rating 8.90 / 10
Price   ‎₹ 18999

5. Oppo Enco X2



With its Enco X, the smartphone maker Oppo surprised consumers. Its updated model includes several upgrades, such as a volume control on the stem.

The sound marker is present, and the active noise reduction is a true success. Also, the autonomy (5 h 49 min with ANC) and comfort of the headphones are satisfactory.

Even if the HeyMelody app makes up for it with the Golden Sound feature and the extremely useful insulation test, we regret the lack of equalization with manual adjustment.

The LHDC high-definition codec is also not necessary and, regrettably, does not take into account cell phones from well-known brands like Samsung or Apple.

Rating 8.70 / 10
Price   ‎₹10,999

6. Technics EAH-AZ60


The Technics EAH-AZ60 earbuds’ advantages include warm sound, strong noise cancellation, and excellent call quality. We were impressed by their excellent autonomy of 7 hours, and 49 minutes with ANC.

The headphones have a great application and a variety of tips to choose from.

We regret the lack of both Qi wireless charging for the case as well as a presence sensor to automatically silence the music when the headphones are removed from the ears.

Rating 8.60 / 10
Manufacturer Price   ‎₹ 20,177

7. Devialet Gemini

Top 10 True Wireless Headphones in 2023


Although the Devialet Gemini headphones are pricey, they include one of the best active noise cancellation systems available.

Their 3 h 46 min autonomy, which is below average, is the one real weakness they have. Unfortunately, the headphones’ volume cannot be changed.

Rating 8.5 / 10
Price   ‎₹19,990

8. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


The compactness, pleasant sound reproduction, and noise reduction of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are alluring, and they perform admirably in public transit.

Unfortunately, the lack of an iOS version, the lack of a manual adjustment option, and the overly subjective customization of the touch management make the software component of Samsung’s earbuds its worst aspect.

In addition, even while it is still better than that of the Buds Pro and the first-generation AirPods Pro, we would have liked the autonomy with ANC to be longer (5h 35 min according to our measurements).

Rating 8.40 / 10
Price   ‎₹ 14,989

9. Google Pixel Buds Pro



Despite a small lack of treble, the Pixel Buds Pro are pleasant to wear and produce superb sound. The headphones have amazing longevity, and the operating noise suppression does an excellent job.

With active noise reduction, Google has precisely sized the battery to provide 7 hours and 14 minutes of autonomy.

The main drawback is that, regrettably, Google does not recommend an app for iOS devices. We regret the lack of an equalizer as well, but the manufacturer intends to provide it in a subsequent version.

Rating 8.30 / 10
Price   ₹ 18,999

10. Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2


Active noise reduction has received a lot of attention from Huawei, and it is working incredibly well. Unfortunately, it has a significant negative influence on the headphones’ autonomy, which drops to 3 hours and 10 minutes from 5 hours and 6 minutes without ANC.

The fact that the sound quality is great makes it all the more terrible. If your smartphone supports the L2HC or LDAC high-definition codec, you can even increase sound accuracy.

Although the free software has a nice look, Android users will have greater Bluetooth multipoint control than iOS users. Finally, we deplore how little control customization is available.

Rating 8.40 / 10
Manufacturer Price   ₹ 19,296


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