5 Cool Expensive Tech Gadgets You Need in 2022

5 Cool Tech Gadgets You Need in 2022

If you’re crazy about tech or you love playing with cool tech gadgets, this article is for you. We are going to talk about 5 Cool Tech Gadgets that you should use in 2022. The products which we have discussed here are affordable and along with fun, they are also highly useful for your daily life purposes.

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Pro is a Bluetooth tracker. If you have the habit of losing your valuable accessories every time, this gadget can prove to be useful for you in such scenarios.

This Bluetooth tracker can be attached wherever you want, on your bag, mobile, key chains, or any other accessories.

In case, you lose any of your accessories, you can easily track them through this device and find them. The device also features a voice-assisted finding with Google, Siri, and Alexa.

It comes in two basic colors i.e. black and white. The manufacturer of this gadget is Tile Store, which is a renowned brand in this industry.

This gadget is water-resistant. Also, this gadget works with both Android and IOS smartphones. You can easily attach this gadget to your smartphone.

This device cost is around Rs 6,100/- and the Bluetooth tracker can provide a good range of 120 meters or 400 ft. It also comes with a 1-year replaceable battery.

Tap Strap 2: Wearable Keyboard, Mouse, and Air Gesture Controller

This is an amazing device for tech geeks who want to type in keyboards and control a mouse by just using air gestures.

It is an all-in-one wearable keyboard, mouse, and air gestures controller device which you can easily wear on your fingers.

Just by tapping and doing air gestures, you can type in keyboards and control a mouse. You can use it for any device such as a TV, Laptop, PC, Mobile, or Tablet.

It is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Android, IOS, macOS, etc. You can work in any environment with the help of this such as VR, AR, XR, etc.

The gadget comes in black color and is manufactured by Tap Systems Inc. It has no batteries required and is extremely lightweight (299 grams only).

The Tap Strap is completely customizable and with the help of it, you can type in any language. With the help of its Web Tapmapper tool, you can customize it according to how you want to use it.

Phonesoap: Mobile Sanitizer and UV rays disinfector

This product is for those people who want their mobile phones to be clean and germs-free. It kills all the bacteria present on your phone and sanitizes it quickly.

The product is a case-like box and you can also charge your phone while sanitizing it inside the phone soapbox.

This gadget can accommodate mobile phones of all sizes. From the largest ones to the smallest cell phones.

It kills bacteria and germs with the help of UV light rays. You can easily fit your mobile phone in it and sanitize as well as charge your phone simultaneously.

The device comes in white color and it is completely safe for your phone as it does not require using any water or chemicals to clean your phone. Instead, it uses UV light rays to sanitize your phone.

Palay Slim Aluminium Wallet Purse and Card Holder

This slim wallet made out of aluminum is a good purse and cardholder for those who want to keep all their cards and money in one place.

This wallet comes in a minimalist design and is available in black color. It is lightweight and ultra-slim so that it easily fits in your pocket.

It is made up of durable material and is RFID protected. RFID protection means that the wallet blocks RFID signals through electromagnetic radiation.

This makes the credit cards electromagnetically protected. RFID blocking protects against RFID card skimming. 

This product comes with the affordable pricing of Rs 599/-

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell is an amazing product from the renowned tech giant Google. The product provides a wireless doorbell camera.

If you also want to ensure the security of your house and put a security camera outside your home without any hassle, this product is a great fit for you.

The Nest Doorbell has built-in intelligence and can easily differentiate between a person, animal, vehicle, package or any other thing.

You can connect this to the Google Home app. Easily check in your home with the mobile app. No subscription is required for this.

The camera provides 24*7 HD video with HDR and night vision. It stores 3 hours of video recordings in the Google Home app.

Also, if there is any power outage or the WiFi goes off, the Google Nest doorbell camera stores up to 1 hour of recordings in the Google Home app, so that you are able to see what’s happened in between.

Wrapping up

Thus, these were some of the most useful and cool tech gadgets that you should try in 2022. These gadgets can make your life easier and help you with your daily activities. We hope you liked this article and do check out these products.

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