4 secrets about the 48 megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro

The new 48-megapixel sensor in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max is giving people something to talk about. Here we show you 4 secrets that you must take into account to use so that you do not take a bad move.

The most relevant novelty of the iPhone 14 Pro in addition to Dynamic Island, is the new 48-megapixel sensor. It is a step forward in this long battle in which many competing brands are involved. Apple has not wanted to follow it and therefore it is interesting to know what is behind this new sensor and the conditions for its use.

Not all the photos you capture will be 48 megapixels on the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max

Exists a technology that makes it possible for the 48 MP to come into action. It’s a combination of four larger virtual mode pixels for low-light photography. The end result is 12 MP photos, and the technology in question is “pixel binning”.

So is Apple cheating us? No way, the 48 MP of the sensor has to be activated manually. It is not an automatic mode or anything like that, the most important thing you have to know is that this capture will optimize the capture of light. For this reason, most photos will be 12 MP. To activate it, you have to go to Settings –> Camera –> Formats. Apple ProRAW has to be activated and that will allow you to switch to 48 MP.

Apple ProRAW 48MP iPhone 14 Pro

48MP Apple ProRAW Manual Setting

Light is a vital factor in achieving good camera results

If you are determined to take pictures with the 48 MP sensor, you must take into account that light will be your best ally. Processing will take a little longer than normal but it is important to get the best result. If you are a professional photographer you will already be familiar with this experience, if you are a photography enthusiast Please note that you might have some problems in everyday life by having the photos set as Apple ProRAW.

You will have to fully rely on the A16 Bionic processor to achieve quality photographs. Otherwise, you should not activate the 48 MP mode. One small tidbit is that ProRAW photos will only be captured with the 1x wide-angle lens. All other modes including night, flash, and the macro will remain at 12 MP.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

These are the official data of the iPhone 14 Pro cameras

More space to store the 48 MP photos of the iPhone 14 Pro

As well as video in different resolutions, 48 MP ProRAW photos will take up more space than a normal 12 MP photo. According to Apple, if a photo in this 12 MP mode takes up 25 megabytes, the 48 MP will take up about 75 megabytes. Three times more space and multiplied by many captures will result in somewhat complicated storage for your iPhone (although if you have much more capacity than normal, you will hardly notice it).

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 15 will differ more from the iPhone 15 Pro

Let’s not trust It will depend a lot on the type of photography in ProRAW to determine the final weight. Again, if you are an amateur photographer you have to be very careful not to end up running out of storage on your device in pure material of this type. Users with 128 GB will end up suffering quickly.

You already have your 48 MP photos on the iPhone, the transfer will be a bit complicated

The iPhone always has some, but this time it is totally related to data transfer. Suppose 50% of the new photos on your iPhone 14 Pro are 48 MP, the transfer to your computer will not be the fastest. The Lightning port limits a lot the speed being USB 2.0In the same way, the destination internet connection will depend if they are in iCloud.

An alternative can be AirDrop but only between Apple devices. For further questions you may have about 48-megapixel photos, Apple has made the following support documentation available to its users.

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