Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes is a lacing system that lets you adjust the shoelace according to the shape of your foot electronically. By using Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes you can get the right fit for all foot types and fine-tune your shoes. You can easily switch between customizing size, pre-setting, checking the battery level, and much more using your smartphone. You can easily control your shoes through the App and step forward. Wireless charging will make your life better than ever.
For charging your Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes, you just need to set them on the mat and watch them get charged. The changing colors will let you know whether it is charging or not. Even though the battery runs out while flaunting your Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes, you don’t have to worry. It will remain unlaced.

Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

Far-fetched Core

Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes have an amazing core, including a traditional swoosh, it has backstop protection, and it contains a drive engine. The laces get coiled tightly around your foot and get locked, which helps prevent slippage or fall during your highly intense activity. There is a coil present in between to enable the induction charging from the charging plate and shoes. Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes comes with a Bluetooth module that allows you to
communicate with your phone. Nike Adapt Self-Lacing Shoes come with fascinating features inside an amazing box.

Congenial Midsole

The midsole of Nike Adapt Self-Lacing Shoes is made up of Nike’s Cushlon foam, which is super comfortable. Cushlon foam is a denser foam that doesn’t compress much, which makes it more comfortable to wear. The insole of Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes is made up of sock liner foam which disables the distribution impact, and due to that, you won’t feel the motor on foot.

The grippy outsole

The outsole of Nike Adapt Self-Lacing Shoes is made perfectly grippy, with sharp cornering and extraordinary traction behavior.

The engineering behind Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

Lead Mechanical Engineer Narissa Chang and Senior Director of Smart Systems Jordan Rice is the reason behind the comfort of the shoes; they engineered the shoes in such a way that you won’t feel anything unusual. These engineers explained that they underwent a series of massive tests to make sure these amazing shoes work in high-impact or damp conditions. They have made sure that the motor inside the shoes won’t be reaching the point of failure.

Here is how this system works, all you have to do is to slip your foot inside the shoes, and the
magnetic system fitted inside your shoes will sense your foot and tighten it. Wearing these shoes is as simple as wearing a bodysuit.

How to activate your Nike Adapt Self-Lacing Shoes?

Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

To activate them, all you have to do is pair your shoes to the Adapt BB app, which will be on Google Play Store or the App Store. It will directly connect to your Nike+ account, so there’s no way that any other shoe will connect with your App.

After you are done pairing your Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes, you’ll see an option to choose a color to identify your pairs, and that color will appear in the LEDs, which are controlled by buttons present on the lateral side of the midsole.

These LED light colors are customizable, but they also identify the Lacing profile you chose. There is an option where you can choose the tightness levels according to your comfort; there are multiple tightness levels available so that you can switch between according to your foot size with just a single tap. You can even use the shoes without depending on the App.

If you don’t have access to your Nike+ account, you can tap on the shoes to select the desired tightness, or you can tap and hold a button to make them wide open. Due to the auto-lacing system, the shoes will sense your foot, and it will eventually tighten it if you just let your foot remain inside the shoes. This system is just too great for the athletes as they can’t carry their smartphones everywhere, so they can easily do variations in their shoes just by tapping buttons on them, and they are good to go. This was an essential feature for the athletes, which the Twitter Snark brigade was unable to provide. These Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes made it so easier for the players as now they don’t have to adjust the Lacing up tightly and securely, now they won’t have to hurry.

Now players won’t get hurt by the tight Lacing. Their feet will not swell. The other major component of these Nike Adapt Self-Lacing Shoes is that it includes accelerometers and a 3D gyroscope that helps to measure multiple axes. If it is chosen to do so, these shoes will determine things like foot strike pressure, gait, in-air motion, and even the pace of your feet.

Design and Comfort level of Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes

According to the report, the comfort level of these Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes is exceptionally high. These shoes are profitable with excellent grips. The Nike Self-Lacing Shoes is designed perfectly; it looks impressive and like Nike basketball shoes. These shoes are safe, as it has been tested by engineers several times. The Nike Self Lacing Shoes has a synthetic upper, a gum sole having LED lights, and a black lining around the midsoles. It also includes a lightweight grey mesh upper. These pairs are Convenient and high-tech closure. They are a Worthy investment, super comfortable, fits securely, and has an absorbing impact.


The battery of Nike Adapt Self Lacing Shoes Lasts between 10-14 days with unlimited adjustments per day and these shoes have an amazing feature of reserving a five percent battery to unlace the shoes eventually so that you won’t get stuck inside. It takes approximately three hours to get fully charged.
Although there is no Apple Watch app presently available for pairing shoes, Nike has been considering it.

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