Best 17-inch Laptops in 2022 Under ₹ 100000

Require a laptop, but want a big screen? Large format PCs, with their Best 17-inch Laptops screen, are assembled for you. Find our preference to choose your next 17-inch laptop.

One extremely famous, the good ancient“multimedia PC” has misplaced its luster in the acceptance of increasingly consolidated laptops, the “Ultraportables”. However, not everyone needs a portable laptop. If your laptop mainly travels from room to room, a large screen will be a real plus in day-to-day life, whether for performing or appreciating videos comfortably. In expansion, we are seeing a remarkable appearance of 16-inch screens on laptops. Thanks to increasingly skinny edges, they authorize you to have an extensive screen in a more consolidated chassis.

We have accordingly preferred for you the best 17-inch Laptops on the demand, for all budgets. For a more comprehensive statement, take a profile at our companion to the best laptops.

LG isn’t particularly known for its laptops, and yet the manufacturer delivers a proportional product. LG gram 17 has a significant benefit: its weightlessness. With its 1.35 kg, it considers the duplicate as some 13-inch ultraportables, an accomplishment. It is, Yet, a portable PC with a 17-inch panel and an attractive characterization of 2560p × 1600p pixels. If the panel is excellent, we regardless regret that it profits from a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is a bit light for a machine at this price in 2022.

The keyboard and touchpad are delightful, and, in appreciation of the 17-inch configuration, the connectivity is finished: an HDMI port, 2 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a jack port, two USB A 3.2 Gen2 ports, and a microSD port.

In terms of interpretation, nothing to say, the 12th generation Intel processor (an i7-1260P on our test configuration) is doing very satisfactorily, coupled with 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. We welcome the completely maintained heating so that your thighs and wrists remain protected from the heat. Adequate point correspondingly on the autonomy, of about 10 hours in use of classic work. If the allocation is there, it will be a good machine for a researcher who wants a big screen.


Pros Cons
Beautiful Finishes Slightly Flexible Keyboard
Comfortable Autonomy
Particularly Light
Price ₹ 94,000

Acer’s Aspire series is known for offering outstanding value for money and this Aspire 5 A517 laptop is no exception. Given the expense, we had to make settlements and the plastic chassis is the 1st of them. The finish is acceptable, nothing more additional.

On the different pointer, we respect the relatively well-stocked connectors, even if a second USB-C connector would not have been a luxury. The backlit keyboard offers a consolidated numeric keypad and suggests a decent touch. On the different pointer, we regret the little size of the touchpad. The 17.3-inch screen is a moderately disappointing Full HD IPS panel. It is not only inaccurately calibrated but also not very bright…

Fortunately, things are much more effective on the arrangement side, thanks to the adoption of an Intel i5-1135G7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce MX350 graphics card. Associated with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage, it supplies solid implementation and even plays light games with good requirements. In representations of freedom, measure about 6 hours – too bad, yet, that the charger is not USB-C.

Despite a disappointing screen, the Acer Aspire 5 A515 is a portable PC that seduces with its very fascinating price-performance ratio. If your budget is limited and you especially do office work, you will hardly find anything more profitable than this 17-inch laptop.


Pros Cons
Solid Performance Basic finishes
The Connection
Price ₹ 56000

3. DELL XPS 17 – The Top of the 17-inch

With this PC, Dell is updating its XPS 17 with this 2022 vintage. We were able to experiment with the 2021 version of this model (the 9710), which was already amazing. That of this year appears even more acceptable, even if the bases, as well as the chassis, are the same. The price takes the opportunity to climb further.

If with its wide diagonal, it is not the most inconspicuous, it is remarkable for content designers and those who have adopted telework. The 17-inch screen is in 16:10 format: it will be, relying on the configuration chosen, in FHD + or UHD + and will in this case be tactile.

The aluminum chassis hasn’t altered, the finishes are still just as good, and the keyboard and touchpad are excellent. Nothing to complain about on this point, Dell stays on its line of premium solemnity. If the computer is thin and relatively consolidated thanks to thin screen boundaries, on the scale, the Dell XPS 17 still weighs 2.5 kg. In the building, the PC has 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 3.5mm jack.

Dell has this year incorporated the latest generation of Intel Alder Lake CPUs (the powerful i7-12700H), connected with an RTX 3050 (or 3060, your choice). A perfect assortment for content designers and creatives such as photographers, but also gamers. In function, the machine is modest enough not to disturb you. The new XPS 17 clearly gains in performance and is one of the most influential laptops on the market.

There is a nice expansion in autonomy, which grows by one hour. We, therefore, reach around 9 hours (on the model with the UHD+ screen), which is really good for a PC with such a panel.

Its base price of 3,200 euros with the FHD + screen, and 3,500 euros with the UHD + version, is undoubtedly the only obstacle to the purchase of this PC.

You can find our test of the XPS 17 (9710) from last year to get an idea. Remark that the latter is no longer unrestricted for sale, as it has been absolutely replaced by the 9720.


Pros Cons
Its beautiful 17-inch screen No USB-A
Very good autonomy
A good cooling system
Price ₹ 10,00,00

4. ACER NITRO (AN517-52) – Very Affordable Gaming 

Want a large laptop a little additional athletic than the standard? This Acer Nitro might interest you. Although it is technically part of the manufacturer’s gaming range, its soundness will not only attract gamers. First observation, it is surprisingly sober for a gaming by-product, only the colored backlighting of the legends crossing its genealogies.

If the all-plastic chassis will not mark the remembering, it is yet solid and very rigid. If the association is acceptable, we still regret the absence of DisplayPort. The 17-inch Full HD screen is on its mediocre side, if we appreciate the choice of IPS, the lack of brightness is yet bothersome on a daily basis. The doubled hinge is straightforwardly unproductive given the size of the machine.

But where the Acer Nitro stands out is its arrangement. It entrenches a recent Intel Core i5 processor and above all an Nvidia RTX 3060 card. If this logically authorizes it to play in Full HD in exceptional conditions, this power can also be used for any other task. We can thus make 3D creations without the most nuanced nervousness.

The autonomy of a little over 5 hours in office automation is correct for this kind of laptop, but you should not stray too far from the power supply for more challenging tasks.

Whether for the occasional gamer or those who need exemplary computing management, this Acer Nitro is an amazing alternative, it is demanding to find an additional efficient one at this price.


Pros Cons
Unbeatable price/performance ratio Dim screen
Sober design
As comfortable in games as for the creation
Price ₹ 10,00,00


 What are the advantages of A 17-inch Laptop?

The main strength of a full-size laptop is its screen size. A larger display will be additional relaxed whether working, watching videos, or even gaming. We also respect the actuality of a more extensive keyboard, most often incorporating a numeric keypad. Handy if you expend long hours in front of Excel.

AMD and INTEL Which Processor to choose for your Laptop?

Formerly the preserve of Intel, the transportable PC market has diversified thanks to the comeback of AMD. With its Ryzen 4000 and then 5000 processors, the manufacturer rivals or even overextends its direct competitor in terms of performance. And the icing on the cake, AMD submits to this accomplishment by keeping power consumption low and above all, very belligerent costs for its processors.

You will hence find both AMD and Intel processors in the most recent PCs. AMD had recuperated from the hair of the beast, but it turns out that the most delinquent and 12th generation of Intel Core mobile processor (Alder Lake) is incredibly triumphant, especially the i5 that we suggest.

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