Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users

Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users

Today’s modern technology is improving at a breakneck pace, modernizing the world on a daily basis to make the world a better place. Smartphones are one of the most valuable modern inventions.

Several smartphones provide a pleasant user experience and come with great security features. In contrast, others do not offer the level of security that we do need.

We want you to be successful in using mobile OS like a boss. Our collection of Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users can assist you in doing so. These are just a few of the ways you can use smartphone OS—such as there’s a long list of options that you’ll undoubtedly find more. 

These applications provide functionality not seen in other Android apps. I’ll additionally provide you a link to those one-of-a-kind Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users.

So, without further ado, here are the Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users.


WAPro is an android app that allows you to download your friends’ status updates and publish them in high-resolution images and videos. 

Since it is an exceptionally well-optimized app, it also works even with slow internet speeds, making it one of the quickest Status Downloaders for WhatsApp & Whatsapp Business.

You can also view the Status Without Even being Noticed and Without Being Seen tags.

Yes, you can view the status without being seen on Whatsapp. You can download the status & save it in your gallery, and then you can view the status of your friends without being online anywhere at any time. You can also hide online and double tick options on Whatsapp.


It’s a fantastic free app that lets you communicate with individuals from all around the globe. One of the very few apps available for android users that truly works like a walkie-talkie. This walkie-talkie app helps you to interact with your friends fast. There’s a new version out now with many cool new features!

Create your character! They’ve made an avatar editor available for you to test out and publish your creations.

You can now sign in using the phone number and easily find known people and friends from your contact list.

To describe it more simply, it’s just a walkie-talkie app – switch it on, select a frequency, and start communicating. You won’t need to have a username and password to sign in since there aren’t any accounts to access in the first place. Install the app and begin speaking. The UI is straightforward and similar to a traditional plastic walkie-talkie.

Cyberpunk Theme for KLWP APK

You can easily modify the design of your android device elements such as the main menu, app icons, and other details. 

If you are unhappy with the default android tablet or smartphone interface. Cyberpunk Theme for KLWP APK is an excellent Android Personalization app. The app’s outstanding variety of visual effects created using 3D technology is a standout feature. 

The app will enable you to set up the Live Wallpaper and personalize your startup screen. Now become a designer, modify the user interface, and build your theme and backdrop collection. You can also use various other tools, such as a flashlight and a calculator.


INDmoney is an app that allows users to manage their money in one place, including investments, loans, taxes, and spending. It is an SuperMoney app that will enable you to monitor, save, plan, and invest your money. It keeps track of all your investments, loans, bills, credit cards, savings accounts, PFs, and EPFs simply and securely. Dealers, bankers, distributors, and advisers can all be tracked.

INDmoney suggests actions for you to do to save money, grow your portfolio, and invest your money at no cost for you. 

You can invest directly in US stocks, commission-free straight plan mutual fund schemes and SIPs, FDs (Fixed Deposits), Bonds, and PMS from India. INDmoney features cutting-edge security standards, including robust data protection regulations and encryption, as well as OTP and biometric-based access.

Authenticated encryption protects the data that is stored. In addition, Bishop Fox conducts a security assessment of the facility.


RAW video is said to be what enables filmmakers to record as much information as possible in a scene while also maximizing the dynamic range of a sensor. MotionCam uses powerful computational photography techniques to replace your built-in camera and generate natural-looking pictures. 

It reduces noise by stacking multiple images. On just a high-end android device, it also enables the capturing of genuine RAW footage at full sensor resolution. 

It consumes RAW pictures and reduces noise by combining multiple images using computational photography. It also recovers highlights and increases dynamic range using a single underexposed picture. 

The Motion Cam uses the android device GPU to provide a real-time view of the camera using RAW data. It uses a streamlined process to depict the final picture accurately. This implies that the tone mapping, contrast, and color settings can all be changed in real-time.

Gallery Vault: calculator lock is a Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks for Pro users which helps you hide all types of personal data, including images, movies, and other stuff, in a secret location. It also has other handy features like notes, a video player, a camera, etc.

Calculator Lock Gallery Vault can be used to create a secret parallel space on your android smartphone. It will save your files secretly and only allow you to view them by providing a digital PIN.

It is a beautiful free digital vault, picture gallery lock, audio protector, and security guard for your private information and media assets, hidden as a secret calculator.

Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault is very simple to download and set up on your phone. Use your preferred browser to download the app, then click install to install it. Don’t forget to enable app installation from unknown sources.

Force LTE Only (4G/5G)

Many Android phones do not offer a 4G only or LTE-only option in the preferred network option. It means you can’t force your Android smartphone to function in 4G mode with the settings available.

In this case, you can root your smartphone to enable it to work in 4G only mode. But did you guys know that several third-party applications help you force Android phones into 4G only mode? There is an app named “Force LTE only” through which you can use the 4G only option of your android. 

4G LTE Only app also helps you enter a hidden Settings menu where advanced network options can be selected. The app allows you to switch to LTE Only network mode. It is common for most smartphones to switch to either a 2G or 3G network if there are low networks available for a 4G network. However, this app allows you to select 4G only mode and remain connected to a stable network.

This app also allows you to access hidden settings such as the Notification Log, Battery information, Usage stats, and WiFi information.


Cometin is an android app that lets you perform changes to the operating system as if you had root access by installing modules. Users with root access on an Android smartphone can modify the operating system that otherwise would be impossible. Primarily because of apps like Cometin, rooting a smartphone is becoming less common.

This application allows modules to be installed on the operating system without superuser rights. This enables us to tweak key features of Android that would ordinarily be prohibited in factory settings and even less so on devices with their very own personalization layer.

The app provides a set of downloadable and installable modules that are then applied to the system by the app. Meanwhile, the app controls the modules and can be used to switch them on or off. You will be capable of changing many functions and sometimes even modifying some functionality features using the modules.

Also, new modules are added with each update, so you won’t have to mess with the terminal’s rooting.


This Super Secret Android Apps and Hidden Tricks list for Pro users consists of the best android apps and hidden tricks. Kindly let us know whatever you think about these android apps and your experience when you tried them out. Kindly let us know if you still have any better recommendations or if we have missed out on any apps in the comments section below.

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