10 Best Mobiles Under ₹ 20,000

Entry-level smartphones have improved greatly in recent years. At less than ₹ 20,000, there are devices that are as efficient as they are durable.

For many consumers, owning a smartphone is more a necessity than a desire. Whether it is to equip a teenager, connect to his parents, or for his own use, entry-level smartphones are generally sufficient to meet all needs. At less than ₹ 20,000, there are now durable devices, equipped with beautiful screens and sufficiently efficient for most uses.

Before rushing to a hypermarket or ordering the first reference on Amazon, you should know that not all entry-level smartphones are created equal. The emergence of new players, like Xiaomi, has shaken up the world of telephony. These manufacturers indeed offer excellent mobiles at low prices.

1. Redmi Note 10

10 Best Mobiles Under ₹ 20,000
Redmi Note 10 is the most unique entry-level smartphone on the demand. Truth be told, this is the only device in this ranking with an OLED screen, which is a real feat at such a price.
Its arrangement is acceptable, its self-sufficiency is challenging, its charging time is short… There is not one place in which this smartphone is dissatisfied. We suggest it to you without any unwillingness.
Rating 8.50 / 10

2. Redmi Note 8T

Marketed between 15,731 and 20,125 ₹, the Redmi Note 8T is motionless today one of the best deals of the moment. Its technique is booming, the configurations are there and its autonomy is in progress approximated to that of its precursor.
Apart from the photo, where the Redmi Note 8T struggles from time to time, this smartphone is fantastic! Its successor, the Redmi Note 9 (in 6th place), is much less convincing.
Rating 7.95 / 10

3. Redmi Note 7

The third best-selling smartphone in 2019, the Redmi Note 7 is a real choice. Marketed for ₹ 14,852 today, this mobile seduces with its fairly compact configuration, its stunning edge-to-edge screen, its 48 MP camera, and its compatibility with fast charging via USB-C. In addition to being one of the best value for money at the entry level, it is also one of the best smartphones in all categories.

Rating 7.70 / 10

4. Redmi 7

In recent years, the “Redmi” range has established itself as one of the most credible. With the Redmi 7, Xiaomi offers an elegant mobile with an edge-to-edge screen, very satisfactory autonomy, and a good quality camera.

At ₹ 13,172, it is undoubtedly one of the best values for money on the market. At less than ₹ 10,544, there is also the Xiaomi Redmi 7A. Very stable and equipped with a small screen of 5.45 inches, this device is the excellent “first phone “.

We permanently select to alert you, its undertaking is a bit limited and the smartphone is not appropriate for certain uses, such as video games.

Rating 7.10 / 10

5. Redmi Note 9

Small efficient than its ancestor (the Redmi Note 8T, the second in this ranking), the Redmi Note 9 still manages to incorporate our ranking appreciation of its good value for money.
Marketed for ₹ 17,486, this smartphone benefits from an honorable design, worthy of devices sold much more expensively.

Too bad its fluidity of navigation, its independence, and its camera are an indentation below the model released the previous year. Instead, we suggest its successor, the Redmi Note 10.

Rating 7 / 10

6. Realme C3

Realme C3 is the most enduring smartphone on the market. This device withstood more than 25 hours in the 01net.com versatile autonomy test, which is an indisputable record.

For the rest, it is a fairly standard entry-level smartphone. Its enactment does not excel but will suffice for most individuals while its design is quite attractive.

Rating 7 / 10

7. Moto G9 Play


The Moto G9 Play is a great smartphone. Its 6.5-inch screen should delight young people (and not so young) who spend a lot of time on their devices, particularly watching videos.
Its main benefit lies in its ultra-high capacity 5,000 mAh battery which allows it to benefit from excellent autonomy.
Rating 7 / 10

8. Redmi 7A

The cheapest smartphone in this ranking, the Redmi 7A is not a monster of power. This mobile is planned for the least challenging users, those for whom the telephone, messaging, and social network functions are the only ones that count. If you fall into this classification, then the Redmi 7A might be right up your alley.
 Rating 6.84 / 10

9. Honor 9A

In view of its very inexpensive price and its insane autonomy, due to its 5,000 mAh battery, the Honor 9A, equipped with a 6.3-inch screen, has only one (big) flaw in our opinion.
Like Huawei’s P40, it does not benefit from Google services. Yet, it works with open-source Android 10  and has 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of expandable storage, and a triple camera module.
Rating 6/ 10

10. Realme 5


With its very high capability of a 5,000 mAh battery, the Realme 5 is one of the most long-lasting smartphones in this ranking. This device lasts almost as long as Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro, in its day… but is priced 10 times less. We only charge it of its dated Micro USB port (it’s increasingly rare these days) as well as its poor-quality camera. For the rest, it’s hard to quibble.

Rating 6 / 10
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