Codashop BGMI: How To Get UC For Cheap In BGMI?

How To Get UC For Cheap In BGMI

Want to buy UCs for BGMI but don’t know the procedure on how to get UC for cheap in BGMI? Then read the article all the way through as we explain the process to you using Codashop BGMI.

Due to its amazing features, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) quickly became one of the most popular games after its release. Though the Indian government’s banned this game from the Google Play store is very disappointing for a lot of gamers out there, even though government of India banned this game the game’s popularity remains as high as before.

Codashop is one of the best gaming platforms that allows you to play various games easily without any inconveniences. A lot of the new features on BGMI need UC And getting UC from the game store is expensive. As a result, you can legally download UCs from Codashop as it has a partnership with Kafton that allows you to buy UCs at a discount. 

What is Codashop?

Codashop is a one-stop shop for millions of gamers that makes it easy to play games and apps safely. It is one of Asia’s and the world’s most trusted top-up websites for games that allow gamers to buy high-quality game credits or vouchers on the website. Furthermore, Codashop’s secure services for online game top-ups have become extremely popular.

The benefit of using Codashop is that it is simple and quick, with instant purchase delivery, and has convenient payment methods such as VISA, UPI, and exciting promotional deals.

Now let’s see a bit about BGMI before going through the process of purchasing UC through Codashop:

What is BGMI?

BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, is an Indian version of PUBG specially designed for Indian players by the Kaffron company. The game was a huge success in the gaming industry, with 100 million downloads on Google Play before it was banned in July.

Furthermore, you can play the game with more than 100 team members and purchase products using the official game currency known as Unknown Cash(UCs) official game currency. Players can buy in-game currency (UCs) with real money and spend it on various In-game items like Battle Pass, outfits, treasures, emotes, etc. 

So, Now let’s talk about how to buy UC from Codashop at a low price.

How to buy UC through Codashop?

Codashop is an amazing platform for legally purchasing UCs, especially after the BGMI ban. As a result, you must follow a few simple steps to purchase the UC via the Codashop BGMI app. 

  • Go to the Codashop BGMI Official page.
  • Now, Copy & Paste your BGMI User ID, and if you want to send UC to your friends, you can also type your friend’s BGMI ID. 
  • You must choose a Pack of the UCs according to your budget from the different packs displayed.
  • Select a Convenient Payment Method which can be Paytm or any other UPI I’d, Mobikwik, NET Banking, Freecharge, VISA, etc. 
  • Enter your E-mail Address as the purchase receipts will be sent directly to the mail id. 
  • Now, Click on the Buy Now icon.
  • You need to confirm your payment as the Order details will be displayed to you. 
  • Here the purchase Amount, with the Merchant Name and Item (Battlegrounds Mobile India), will appear, and you need to Click Continue. 
  • Make the payment, and If you have entered an email address, the invoice will be sent by mail; otherwise, on the codashop page, an order summary will appear.
  • However, If the UC is not added to your account, please restart the game and clear the mobile cache from recent apps, and the purchased UC will be credited to the selected BGMI account.

How to Purchase UC from your phone or laptop Browser?

You can also make your purchase at Codashop BGMI using your phone or computer browser. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Launch the browser on your smartphone or computer.
  • Visit the official BGMI website.
  • When the website loads, navigate to the “buy UC at Codashop” option.
  • This option will take you to the Codashop BGMI website, where you will find options to buy the UC.
  • Scroll down to see the fields for entering your BGMI User ID, the numerous UC bundle options for purchase, and payment options.
  • Enter your in-game ID, select your UC bundle, and pay with Netbanking or UPI, Paytm.
  • When you restart BGMI on your smartphone, the amount of UC you purchased will be reflected in your BGMI account’s UC counter.

What are the offers available on Codashop BGMI?

As previously stated, one of the benefits of purchasing Codashop BGMI UCs is that it offers discounts in addition to the offers. As a result, let’s go over some of the deals available on the Codashop BGMI landing page that you can take advantage of before October 13, 2022.

These promotions will give you a bonus UC based on your initial top-up. Let’s take a look at them:

  • While Buying 60 UC, you will get 6 UC as a bonus.
  • While Buying 300 UC, you will get 55 UC as a bonus.
  • While Buying 600 UC, you will get 120 UC as a bonus.
  • While Buying 1500 UC, you will get 450 UC as a bonus.
  • While Buying 3000 UC, you will get 1150 UC as a bonus.
  • While Buying 6000 UC, you will get 2700 UC as a bonus.

As a result, these offers will allow you to obtain more UCs while spending less money and receiving extra UCs as a bonus.


So, these are methods for getting free UC of BGMI. While microtransactions are common in a battle royale and online games, you don’t necessarily have to pay for them. There are other, simpler methods to get in-game currency. Yes, you will have to put in more effort and wait longer to get this UC in-game.

The effort, on the other hand, makes the UC worthwhile. With the Codashop integration in BGMI, this is an ideal time to buy the UC for in-game purchases. Most premium games these days necessitate making some in-game purchases to ensure you don’t fall behind the competition, making it necessary for you to purchase. As a result, if you want to buy UCs legally and cheaply, Codashop can be the best place.

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