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best laptop under 20000

A laptop has become a necessity for all working professionals and students. However, a decent windows laptop from a reputable brand would cost around 40,000 to 50,000. Even if you want to use a laptop for basic tasks, internet surfing, editing documents, watching content, etc., you might have to spend much more to do these tasks. 

Are you looking to buy the best laptop under 20000 for performing basic tasks? The budget of 20000 can be less to get a good laptop. However, Asus has launched a new laptop-like Chromebook under 20000, which has almost every feature that an entry-level laptop offers.

With the launch of Asus Chromebooks, you don’t have to spend more on laptops unless you need a professional laptop for gaming, coding, or another heavy usage. Chromebooks are based on ChromeOS, which are suitable for light use and come at an affordable price. Asus offers one of the best Chromebooks in India, and its new launch of the Asus Chromebook CX1101 can be considered the best laptop under 20000.

In this article, we will review the Asus Chromebook CX1101 and tell you why it can be the best laptop under 20000 for you.

It’s the latest laptop-like productivity device from Asus, available for 19,999 rupees. Let’s see its new features and what you can look forward to in the Asus Chromebook CX1101. Can the Asus Chromebook CX1101 be the best laptop under 20000?

The CX1101 looks like a well-designed and well-built laptop and comes in lovely transparent silver. There is a Chromebook logo in the corner, and the overall Chromebook is lightweight at 1.24 kilograms which is partly also down to the fact that this isn’t a touchscreen Chromebook. 

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the slimmest device by any margin and is quite thick at 17.55 millimetres. However, all that bulk does come with its advantages, as the Chromebook CX1101 gets a grade chassis which means that it’s been durability tested and exceeds military standards. The hinge is sturdy and does not require you to be careful while handling it. Also, there’s not a lot of flex in the keyboard area, which is again a good thing. The build is the best you will see in any laptop under 20000. Additionally, its screen can open flat at a 180-degree angle, although that feature is more useful in touch screen Chromebooks.

The Chromebook CX1101 has an 11.6-inch display surrounded by thick bezels around it. It does get pretty bright even in outdoor conditions, with 16 brightness levels available. Using it at level 10 for day-to-day work indoors will work fine. Now, this is only an HD screen, so the resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels which we will admit is not the best. The screen colours are a bit flatter, and the LCD panel does not offer good viewing angles. The Chromebook CX1101 runs on an Intel Celeron n4020 processor with integrated UHD graphics. There’s 4GB lpddr4x ram here, and storage is 64GB eMMC which is expandable thanks to a MicroSD card slot speaking of card slots. A great thing about the CX1101 is the number of port options. There are two USB 3.2 gen1 type-c ports for data transfer and power delivery, two USB 3.2 gen1 type A ports, a 3.5-millimetre audio jack, and a Kensington lock slot that allows the Chromebook to be secured physically using a combination lock or a key. The CX1101 also gets a 720p HD webcam that isn’t the highest quality, but it should be good enough for primary video calling. For connectivity tasks, it has Bluetooth version 5.1 and 802.11 ac dual-band wi-fi 5. If you are looking for a budget laptop with many ports, good connectivity, and compromise on display, then the Asus Chromebook CX1101 can be the best laptop for under 20000.

The CX1101 also houses a 42-watt battery, which the brand claims last up to 13 hours, and has fast charging with the 45-watt fast charging adapter included in the box. One of the most favourite parts of the cx-1101 is its keyboard. Despite the layout missing a few keys like a window or command key, it’s pretty easy to get used to. Moreover, because of the 1.5 millimetres of essential travel, the typing experience on the CX1101 is quite enjoyable, even for extended periods. It’s worth noting that the keyboard is not backlit, which does make typing in dark or low light conditions a bit challenging, but you don’t expect it, especially in a laptop under 20000.

Since it is a Chromebook, the CX1101 runs on chrome os, which is pretty user-friendly and easy to operate, and almost everything is managed using the chrome browser. You have quick access icons at the bottom, which include things like Gmail, youtube, and google docs, all of which end up opening through the google browser itself. You also have the Google Play store that lets you download apps, games, movies, and much more. Another noteworthy feature is the Google Assistant, which can be brought up by pressing the search button on the keyboard. This allows you to search the device and the web together, making it a convenient feature. Moreover, since Google makes both ChromeOS and AndroidOS, the CX1101 also comes with a nearby share for quick and easy wireless file transfers.

Wrapping up

So if you’re looking for a laptop experience on a budget of around 20000 and need something to browse the internet, take a few video calls, and edit some documents, the Asus Chromebook CX1101 is a pretty good option. It offers good battery life, a compact form factor, and an easy-to-use interface, all for a price of 19999 rupees. And we don’t find any reason to not consider it as the best laptop under 20000.

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